How Much Would It Be Worth to You to Have My PERSONAL Complete Tested-and-Proven Direct Mail Profit System That Can EASILY Make You a MINIMUM of $250,000 in the Next 12 Months?

STRICT DEADLINE FOR THE BONUSES:  May 7th at 5pm Pacific Time

RARE ONE-TIME-ONLY OFFER for ONLY 12 STUDENTS to Join Me in a Rare ONE-TIME-ONLY Direct Mail Workshop Where You’ll Build an ENTIRE Multi-Million-Dollar Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Inside of 3 Days – This Event Will NEVER AGAIN BE REPEATED So…IT’S NOW OR NEVER!

Dear Future Millionaire,

If you’ve been hoping and praying for the perfect home-based business blueprint to sell boatloads of books and other profitable products, then this is the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Imagine finally putting together a part-time kitchen table business that can make you at least $10,000 to $20,000 in net profits per month and not even messing with internet marketing, social media, pay-per-click or any of that highly competitive stuff that stopped working years ago!

Did you know that you can, in 2021, start a highly profitable kitchen table “mail order” business selling just about anything by understanding ONE SIMPLE STRATEGY to making huge profits?

Yes, I’m convinced that ANYBODY – despite having NO experience and NO product to sell – can start a highly successful kitchen table business using my highly successful “mail order” secrets I’ve uniquely developed for too many years to count. In fact, unlike internet businesses where competition is fierce, when you start a small “mail order” business, you’ll find that it's easy to make money because barely anybody out there is using these highly profitable direct mail marketing secrets.
This is because most people are lazy.  All they want to do is press the EASY button and make millions. Unfortunately, this is not how life works. If you’re going to make loads of cash, especially putting out into the world the books or products that are most important to you, you have to be willing to work for it. (Trust me, the “work” is simply leveraging yourself better. Keep reading.)

Over the years many of my students want to know exactly how I’ve been able to make millions of dollars with direct marketing for the past 25 years…and by BARELY marketing on the internet at all.

Yes, that’s right.

Internet marketing has been overall only about 5% or less of my marketing efforts for the past 2 ½ decades. And with Facebook shutting everybody down these days while every competitor on the planet vies for the highly competitive and expensive pay-per-click marketing like Google Ads, I’ve played a different hand altogether by mostly NOT marketing on the internet.

And I’m About to Reveal to You – in PRECISE DETAIL – Exactly What’s “Under the Hood” of
My Massively Successful “Mail Order” Business From A to Z in a Way I’ve NEVER Revealed Before!

And…If You Want…You Can Take a “Tour” of My Warehouse Where I Can Show You How I Run My Mailings – Including My Highly Profitable Postcard Mailings – So You Can See EXACTLY What I Do in My Business!

It’s rare when you can look inside the operation of a “real deal” entrepreneur like myself who can show you exactly how her operation works. It’ll be like looking into a snow globe and seeing all of the inter-workings of a super successful mail order operation as a broad overview and then diving square into the nitty-gritty needed to create your own multi-million-dollar kitchen table operation from scratch. And growing that business in mere months instead of years.

I’ve been thinking about doing an event like this for a while now and FINALLY it’s coming to pass. This is a RARE and unique 3-day hands-on direct mail marketing workshop where you’ll build an entire multi-million-dollar direct mail marketing campaign using my tested-and-proven templates DURING THE EVENT that you can use for MANY YEARS to come. How is this possible? Because of something we call “evergreen” in this business. Evergreen means that you can keep your marketing campaign relatively the same for years without changing a single thing.

And that’s much more than what you could ever say for internet marketing which changes by the day and this is only IF you can make money AT ALL with it this day and age.

Up until a couple of years ago, I mailed a 4-page sales piece to specific health supplement mailing lists. This product made me a fortune and would continue to do so for as long as I wanted to mail on this offer. It’s a true “evergreen” offer, a word we use in marketing to signify a marketing piece that can go for years – decades even – without making a single change to the piece and it would continue to profit for as long as you decide to mail on it.

My current direct mail marketing campaigns consist of a 12-page “one-step” mailer, my oversized postcard “two-step” mailer, and my famous invitation card hybrid “one-step/two-step” mailers. By attending this event, you’ll get in your hot little hands my most recent (and currently used) mailing pieces that you can use to emulate for your own success!

But, it gets even better…

I’ll actually help you create a custom mailing piece for you to use in your own highly successful marketing campaign – one that just “piggy backs” off one of my successful money-making tested-and-proven marketing pieces so you’ll leave the event with a read-to-print direct mail marketing piece!

How awesome would it be for you to be able to have this kind of direct mail marketing operation where you have one or two sales pieces that keep pulling in millions of dollars each year without you changing a thing to it? All you have to do is keep mailing, keep shipping product (both can be outsourced), and all YOU do is collect the money at the end of each day.

What Would It Be WORTH to You to Be Shown the EXACT Ropes to This HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL
Multi-Million-Dollar Tested-and-Proven Business Model?
Let me be clear about something: This business is NOT for some deadbeat tire-kicker who wants to take my direct marketing business strategies just to do nothing with it. If you don’t have the basic resources to do some mailings just to get this baby off the ground, then this is NOT the opportunity for you.

You’ll need access to between $5,000 and $10,000 to get this business off the ground to the point of it being fully functioning before the windfall of cash starts flowing in. Yes, you can start small. Perhaps mail on one or two of my guaranteed-to-perform mailing lists then feed the proceeds that you get in orders back into the company but...I’d rather just teach these strategies to someone who can afford to work the business. If that’s not you, you need not register for this powerful event.

But if this IS you and you really want a complete business in a box, I’m not sure you understand just how rare this opportunity is. I’ll be giving you my exact past highly profitable sales pieces that you can use to “emulate” to success with full instructions on how to mail each one and TO WHICH LISTS to mail it to (which is, perhaps, the most important part in all of this).

Just to give you an idea of how much money a business like this is worth WHEN you set it up correctly (which I’ll be showing you how to do during the event), if you want to take a look at the numbers, here’s what they’ve been like for me since I’ve been working on my latest direct mail marketing project:

These are what your numbers could look like based on your first 10,000-piece mailing selling a product at around $1,297. (I’ll show you a sample of this mailer when you show up to the 3-day workshop.)

Take a look at the two black arrows above. Depending on your mailing list, this is what you’re looking at for numbers. Your best mailing lists (which will be about 3 really solid ones) on an expensive product will give you between 0.15% and 0.50% in sales. This is a pretty good number for direct mail these days. Long gone are the days of getting 2%+ and that was way before my time, from what I hear. (I have a feeling that 2%+ was a fallacy told by old-school direct-mail marketers but…what do I know?) My “bad” lists will get me at the 0.10% ratio. If I were you, I’d do your numbers with the 0.50% and if you get anything higher, that’s great.

So, take a look. If you know what you’re looking at, you’d be pissing on yourself right now. Yes, these are REAL NUMBERS, folks. Not something I just pulled out of my ass for kicks. Running your eyes down the 0.50% line to the right, you’ll see that your total gross is just over $61,100. Your net is “only” $53,400. BUT, on average you’ll get between 20% and 25% in upsells selling whatever back-end product you want to sell with nothing more than a simple flyer that is inserted in EVERY order that goes out. And yes, these back-end products (when selected properly) sell like HOT CAKES.  My price-point for the product I’m showing above (The Slice Trading System) is at $1,970 for the annual Hot Tips subscription and we do really well with those which is why I put 25%. Many times our numbers are about 33% of our sales will take the back-end Hot Tips offer.

About 20% of your initial buyers will bite on the backend offer you have. A back-end offer like the one we have can boost your sales by an additional $24,243.75 in sales, bringing your total to $77,643.75.

If you mailed on 10,000 pieces per week, you’d basically be potentially stuffing your pockets with $77,643.75 per week. Yes, that’s over $75,000 a month in profits!
Of course, my numbers are high. I have a high-priced product that I’m doing a one-step mailing with. Likely, your mailing and selling structure will look a tad differently.

How to REALLY Make Loads of Cash in the Direct Mail Marketing Business…
I started doing something called a hybrid “one-step/two-step” marketing campaign (which works for supplements too) and it’s exploded my business within the past year.  Let me explain how this works in a simple diagram:
I send people on a hot buyer’s mailing list an invitation-style card in an envelope. It looks very much like what an invitation or birthday card would look like in an envelope that looks like the address was handwritten. (I use a free font website called to get special handwriting fonts to print on the outside envelope of my mailers.)

 The invitation card is an offer for the prospect to get a free book if they go online. They just have to cover shipping and handling which varies between $7 and $10. So, the prospect goes to the website and gets the book. He or she is upsold on 3 different options in addition to the book. OTO (One-Time-Offer) #1 is offered at $97 to $197, OTO #2 is offered at $197 to $297, and OTO #3 is $297 to $397 (if there is a 3rd OTO in the first place).

 On my best mailings – now, this will knock your socks off – give me about a 3% response rate (sometimes higher on excellent mailing lists but this is the average I get) on my mailings…far exceeding the “unicorn” mailings of getting 2% in sales that old timer mailers used to get back in the 80s and 90s. This means that I’ll sell 3 books per 100 mailed pieces or 30 books per 1,000 mailers that go out.

 But…what happens after these, say, 30 books go out?

How many buy something else that’s more expensive?

In my experience, 20% will get at least one of the upsells on the backend. So, out of the 30 book sales, 6 of those will include an upsell either at the $97, $197, or $297 level. And out of those 6, about 1 will get 2of those upsells.

 Let’s talk about the money part.

It costs about $1 to mail each mailer (tops). So, for 1,000 pieces, that’s $1,000. When you sell only 30 books (basically covering printing and shipping costs), you’re not really making money. For a $10 book, you’re only grossing $300. That’s not near enough to cover your $1,000 mailing cost. About 6 of those will buy ONE of the backend OTOs.

Remember, there are 3 possible OTOs: $97, $197, and $297. It averages out to be $197 (when adding all 3 together then dividing by 3.) So, those 6 people will worth an additional $1,182. Then ONE of those 6 will buy an additional upsell, driving it up to $1,379 + the $300 in books, totaling $1,679. So, you paid $1,000 to do the mailing but had to pay about $300 for the books and shipping costs. Since you paid $1,000 for the mailing, you grossed $1,679 and you came out ahead $379.

That’s not TONS of money but…increase your mailings to 10,000 (instead of only 1,000) and you can add a BIG FAT ZERO to that…So, now you just came out ahead $3,790.

And if you do that once a week, that’s not too bad. You’re making $15,160 per month!

Not chump change anymore, is it?

By the way, these are VERY conservative figures. I don’t believe in jazzing anybody up with unrealistic pie-in-the-sky numbers. I believe in telling you like it is. And this is the way it is. This is how freaking profitable this business can be!

But…we’re not done yet. We haven’t gotten into the REAL money yet!

90% of the Money I Make is on BACKEND Sales Via Email and Additional Mailers to Current Customers

Most of my money is NOT made “selling” free books. And I think that this is the biggest MISTAKE most people make when going into this (or any other) business.

They either don’t understand this concept, or they ignore it altogether. But most of my money is made well after the free book is in the mail and these new customers are now on my email and mailing list.

Yes, most of my money is made selling these customers a bunch of other things and NOT with the initial sale. So, the $15,000+ per month made with the book sales is chump change compared to all the other stuff that is sold AFTER they make that initial book purchase.
The Secret Behind a Massive Cash Flow in the “Mail Order” Business is…
Plugging your customers into more products that are “similar” to the ones they already bought from you in the first place! This is the key to success in this (or any other) business. Backend sales is a GOLDMINE and yet most business owners never touch on this powerful secret. They do something called “front loading” where they’re constantly running on a treadmill to get new customers and never bother trying to sell their current customers anything else.

And this is a HUGE mistake!

These people already raised their hand, coughed up a small amount of cash to see what you got, and waited with bated breath to receive your first package (with the book in it). Yet this is when most marketers drop off the face of the planet. They further ignore these raving customers, turning their back on these people, to find more new customers. How ridiculous is that? It’s madness, don’t you think??
So, how much is the backend worth?

It depends on what you’re selling. The backend “sweet spot” will be offers ranging from $297 to $997. But you’ll be selling multiple products at different times. It’s not just a “slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am” kind of deal or a “one-off” where you sell one thing and disappear.

You keep selling and selling and selling…until your customer tells you “no more” or they just stop buying.

It’s as simple as that.

Here’s the Clincher for You: Your Numbers Can Be BIGGER Than What I’m Showing You
Since I’ve done all the testing up until recently, I discovered some tricks in getting my numbers EVEN HIGHER than what I’ve shown you above. How? Because I haven’t even touched on the most powerful secret of all. It’s called “continuity.” And any time you can implement continuity into your product line(s), the better off you’ll be.

What is “continuity” in the first place?

It’s where you find a product to sell people where they are billed every single month like clockwork.

Now, to be clear, this doesn’t have to be your product. After all, to create something that needs to be billed each and every month is kind of tricky. This is either a membership, newsletter, or service of some kind. And to provide this to a pile of customers each and every month can suck the lifeblood out of you.

So, you’d simply connect with someone else who can provide this service for your customers while giving you a piece of the action. This way you can profit on a continual monthly basis and get a commission for each transaction while doing none of the hard work required to fulfill this kind of monthly program.

So, by adding this continuity element, we are adding money to the bottom line. We actually were able to INCREASE our average sales ratio across the board (good lists and bad lists combined together) by changing ONE SINGLE THING about our sales piece. (I’ll be showing you what this is in the 3-day upcoming workshop.)

But what is a “paltry” tiny percent in change coupled with the few bucks that I added to the front-end and auto-shipment price? Let me show you those numbers, baby! 

Be ready to be blown back…

This ONE SMALL CHANGE INCREASES Your Bottom Line by WHOPPING Proportions! Here’s How…

Like I mentioned, we made a small mailing shift in HOW we mailed our pieces (which will ONLY be revealed to the person taking this business over. Yes, it cost a little more on the front end to execute it this way but it pretty much guaranteed that we ended up at that additional continuity upsell mark each and every time!

Take a look at this:

Can you imagine making profits of over $31,000 a week from doing this? That’s $124,000 a month! That’s insanity!! Do you want it? How much is this worth to you??

So, Say I’m Completely Full of Sh** and You “Only” Get 10% of the Estimated Projected Profits I’m Talking About Here by Doing Your Own Kick-Ass Direct Mail Project?

That’s still over $12,000 a month! And that ain’t bad. Not at all. I’m sure it’s much more than anything you’re doing right now. And this business has already been fully tested out. I’ve worked all the “kinks” out. I can tell you how to streamline your success without any of the pitfalls I had to deal with for the first year I was doing this.

“But What Kind of Products Would I Be Marketing and Selling to People Because I Don’t Have a Clue?”

Your VERY BEST products for running a direct mail marketing campaign are financial-based information publishing products (like financial home study courses, business opportunities and blueprints, etc.). Financial educational courses – especially those for stock traders – really command top dollar when it comes to direct mail marketing. You can pretty much DOUBLE the figures I’ve shown you for those types of mailings because people interested in stock trading will pay A LOT for the latest “secret strategy” on getting a leg-up on the market.

I can also help you set up a business to make money from the health supplement products too!

If you walk in with no product idea, that’s fine. But you WILL have to have done some of the basic business-building groundwork BEFORE you get to the 3-day workshop which is a pretty simple list of stuff to do. After all, you DO want to start making money right away with this business, right?

What You Will Be REQUIRED to Have Set Up BEFORE the Workshop Starts:

• You’ll need an S corporation. Some name ideas: X Laboratories Inc. or X Labs. The “X” stands for ANY name really. It could be Viper Labs Inc. or Xavier Laboratories Inc. This is if you want to sell some kind of supplement. If you want to sell a financial information product, you should name your business something like Market Pros Enterprises or Trader Haven International. (And if you’re not sure what kind of product you’ll settle on, choose a very nondescript generic business name like Zoentral Inc. or something that doesn’t indicate any specific type of product.)

• You’ll need a customer service phone number. This needs to be a phone number that live people will answer. It can be the same live answering service that will also take orders as well. It’s up to you if you want to spring for the toll-free number or not. I’ve found that this makes little difference but saves you money by NOT doing this.

• You will need a business address. This can be a P.O. Box or a street address from a mail box place.

• You’ll need a platform for your websites. I strongly suggest

• You’ll need a few domains which you can purchase on

• You’ll need a means to collect email addresses; I suggest

• You’ll need to have a merchant account to process orders. PayPal will do the trick for this. You can also use a service called Stripe ( and they can approve your merchant account in about 5 minutes.

• And you need to listen to EVERYTHING I tell you to do in the workshop. And do it! No ass-dragging after we set everything up in the workshop. You’re either coming in to do everything I tell you AND to actually implement it or don’t waste my time.

I’ve Never Offered This Intimate, In-Depth Type of Business Training Before – For ANYONE, Ever – in This 3-Day Hands-On Workshop Setting!!

This is the first time I’ve offered a full intimate inside glimpse of a full-scale highly profitable mail order business AND, on top of that, offering to help you one-on-one in a 3-day hands-on setting – not only to show you EXACTLY what to do but to help you with your exact sales piece for your direct mail marketing campaign AND your simple website.

However, this is ONLY for a maximum of 12 of you to participate in. That’s all I can fit into the conference room I will be hosting this event in. And that’s the maximum number of people I can realistically work with one-on-one in this type of workshop setting. But it’ll cost you.

Ah, yes.  The price.   What will that be?

The Price is a FRACTION of the Cost You’ll Be Making Within Your First Month Doing This

I initially wanted to charge $20,000 for this. After all, for a business that can potentially make you $124,000 a month in profits provided that you mail 10,000 pieces a week or 40,000 pieces a month like clockwork, so this is actually peanuts in comparison.

But I don’t want to charge $20,000. I don’t even want to charge $10,000. Or even a quarter of that amount!

So, I settled on the final price being $3,997 $1,997. And that’s a FREAKING STEAL if you ask me!

You also need $5,000 to $10,000 in liquid cash or unsecured credit to get this business rolling. You will also have to be willing to get the other stuff you need to run this business which will run you about $300 per month (including the websites, answering service, merchant service, etc.) And this wouldn’t include the lease on an envelope stuffing machine either which you may not need if you are going to use a letter shop to fold, stuff, and seal your envelopes. (I don’t recommend you have them actually mail the letters, though. You do that part to make sure they actually end up in the postal processing system.)

So, if you don’t have the money or willingness to roll up your sleeves and put in some work, this isn’t for you. It’s only for you if you really LIKE this product, want to make this kind of cash, AND have to capital to pull it off. If you can’t check YES next to each one of those criteria then…forget about it, eh?

And for An Extra $10,000 FREE, I Can Create Your Direct Mail Piece FOR You Instead of You Having to Create It Yourself from Scratch…

You’ll be using my many successful templates and examples provided in the workshop to build your own sales piece. But, what if you don’t want to do that? What if you’d prefer that I create your complete sales piece FOR you BEFORE you get to the group so that you can focus on the business and operations aspects of the direct mail business during the 3-day workshop?

I can do that for you. But I’m only offering that to a few of you. I can’t realistically do it for everyone because you have to understand something about a sales piece: it has MANY dimensions to it. You have your main sales piece which will be between 4 and 8 pages. Within this main piece, there are testimonials that need to be put in as well as an enticing sales message to get your prospect salivating at the mouth for your product.

Then, depending on how long the main piece is, there’s usually an additional “lift” piece that goes into the envelope. (We try to keep the postage at one first-class stamp or 1.0 ounce or less for mailing weight in a #10 business envelope.) This “lift” piece can either be an endorsement or personal letter, a special offer, testimonials, or a combination of all of the above. Every element that goes into your piece is well thought out and takes A LOT of work to complete because it all must do one thing: get the prospect to convert into a paying customer.

Only for those who physically attend this event, I’ll make sure you get a complete mail piece and put it in the format needed to go directly to the printer or letter house so all you have to do is upload it to them and they’ll start printing it for your campaign. I’ll even offer to make one major change to the piece OR create a “B Test” version so that you can test it out against your “A Test” (or original piece I create for you) for marketing purposes.

If you don’t know where to begin on creating a mail piece for optimal success, you MUST have me do your mailing piece for you. This is ONLY for those who physically attend this event. And the results of your piece will be outstanding, highly professional and will work like gang-busters to pull in maximum orders and maximum profits for your direct mail marketing campaigns because it’ll be based on a tested-and-proven successful piece of mine, fully emulated and cloned for your success too!

Only you can decide if it’s worth it to you by physically attending this event so that I can create your custom mailing piece for you so your direct mail business can take off with a bang!

ONLY 12 STUDENTS WILL ATTEND THIS EVENT: This is First-Come First-Served Registration!
Take the Opportunity to Be Part of the “Direct Mail Millionaire Dozen” in This VERY RARE Event!

Again, I’m only able to take a MAXIMUM of 12 of you. I’d ideally like to see the workshop group max out at 8 people so that I can get more hands on with each of you. After all, it takes time, skill, and a lot of energy on my part to teach you the business from scratch, help you build your websites and sales pieces…from scratch. 
And create a specific action plan for each of you with very pin-pointed and key steps for you to take after you leave the workshop. This drastically minimizes how many can participate and if you’re really one of these people who wants to make a ton of money using direct mail, you MUST jump on this now!

So, Who Wants to Be the Next Direct Mail Marketing Millionaire?

Again, this opportunity is NOT supposed to be just for anyone. Many want the quick and easy “internet-type business” that, unfortunately, don’t work anymore since internet marketing is so saturated. It’s difficult to make money doing that anymore and, perhaps the worst part about it is that the internet changes almost daily, making it more than a full-time job just to keep up with all of the marketing “tricks” that have to be drastically altered almost by the hour.

But, direct mail is back in FULL FORCE making millionaires each and every day…again, ONLY for those willing to roll up their sleeves and work for this type of money. If that’s you then GO FOR IT! You can’t NOT do this workshop. But if you’re lazy, don’t bother. I have no time or patience for lazy people, and neither will anybody else in the group; it wouldn’t be fair to them or to me.

Only YOU can decide if this is for you. I’m not here to sell you on this opportunity IF you don’t feel that this isn’t right for you. Yes, the money is good. In fact, the money is SPECTACULAR. But you have to want to do this from the pit of your gut. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

See you at the top!

P.S. The economy is rapidly changing. Unfortunately, we’re diving squarely into a rough recession. Your current job or business is likely to be wiped out (if it hasn’t already). Time for a change! Time to pivot and buckle down by creating a profitable kitchen table business that can not only help you survive…but it can allow you to THRIVE in the months and years to come! Register now…and be one of the 12 students who get to participate in this RARE event: (661) 295-5050 Ext. 2.
The 3-Day One-Time-Only Direct Mail Workshop
May 14th, 15th & 16th in Valencia, California
YES! I absolutely want to build my own multi-million-dollar direct mail marketing empire from scratch. I want to participate in this RARE one-time-only 3-day hands-on workshop on May 14th, 15th, and 16th in Valencia, California where I will develop my product, develop my sales piece, create a simple website funnel plus create an entire actionable marketing campaign which will be completed by the end of the third day. I also understand that you will be providing templates for me for sales pieces that I can ‘emulate’ and ‘borrow pieces from’ for my own direct mail marketing sales piece. I’ll also be given contact information on all of your key vendors so that I can operate my business as successfully as possible right out of the gates!
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